Skill Development – Not Just in Aikido

Unconsciously Incompetent – Consciously Incompetent – Consciously Competent – Unconsciously Competent

One of my favorite quotes explaining the learning process. Unfortunately the terms can confuse learners. Possibly due to how close they are in pronunciation as well as to negative preconceptions of their use.

I have luckily found a simpler – yet more scientific way to explain the process via VEA Australia.


 A clear definition, GREAT for starting out! How does one become skilful, develop a skill!?

 Skill Acquisition 101


There are three Stages

 The Cognitive Stage requires an expert demonstration. To firstly have an accurate representation of what the skill is. Your Coach/ Tutor/ Sensei will then explain the important aspects.


 Associative Stage – Fine Tuning, Practice, Practice, Practice. You won’t get anything absolutely correct the first time!

Practice DOES NOT make it perfect, Perfect Practice makes for ‘Actual’ Practice.

 Autonomous – Expert performer Stage

All the technical points have been assimilated….IT TAKES TIME!



Don’t Rush, develop patience and enjoy the learning process!


 Basic Foot Movements   Basic Hand Movements
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