Executive Development Course

Today’s working environment is highly competitive.  Every successful executive works-out! We read management and self-development books! How do we get those traits of success into my mind, deep down even to or subconscious level. Decisions can’t always wait for me to open the correct page in the “How to…” guide book.

Awakening, developing, re-engaging the higher executive functions in us through aikido skills training!

Increasing creativity, engagement, productivity.

The Japanese Samurai were revered for their skill and efficiency on the ancient battle field. Which has continued on to today’s business world, especially in Corporate Japan. How did/ do they do it! A high proportion of Japanese business executives have black belts, why? Central London Shodokan’s adult membership is proportionally high in executive, managers & leaders. It’s all about how our brain’s work.

Practical development through our training course to become aware of and improve skills.

Mindset development-taking the skills trained and putting them into daily/ work life. Can be a fun and activity course or lecture based…but we prefer to learn by doing FUN Stuff!


Kurt Sauer; Director, Information Security & Operations PayPal

Mark Shraga; Managing Director at New Star Networks (NSN)

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