Etiquette – Preparedness, Competency, Positive Learning Attitude



Etiquette or ‘rei’ is a crucial element in budo (Martial Arts). Without it, budo is pure violence at worst, and just another competitive sport at best. Unbridled aggression/ impetuous behaviour however isn’t budo.  


  Not just good manners! Etiquette in martial arts encompass preparedness, deep knowledge and good character.

A polite society is a prepared society. Thorough understanding of ones position whether it be in authority or in servitude, at the office or in a Self Defence situation. All require consideration, competency and risk management.


That elusive “Mushin-Effortless Action”, being in the zone, is in fact the ultimate representation of etiquette and vise versa. Presence of mind at all times maintained with minimal stress. Making the correct decisions in daily life, are just as important as in a dangerous situation. Holding anger and aggression is destructive to the psyche, politeness on the other hand works everywhere and in all situations.


  It’s the immediate high consequences and dealing with those consequences  that engage our higher cognitive functions. The natural chemicals released in the brain, balances the mind and body in our modern society where we still have a brain with hunter-gather instincts.

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