Budo story.

What happens on public transport now goes on the Internet….
The first book I read about aikido was an Aikikai book. If my memory is correct it had in it the story of a visiting aikidoka traveling on a train in Japan when a drunken lout starts a public ruckus. The lesson learned was taught by an old man stepping in with a soft hand to enquire what the problem was, instead of a beating from a large westerner eager to test his skills out.

After many years of serious training I now have my own public transport story (*maybe my second). 

It’s the first really hot day for the season and the bus is cramped with women and school kids, and one make aikido instructor. How do I get myself into these things! 

Cramped and hot tempers flair, one mother accusing a lady with loads of bags of impeding her child. It then gets physical, why I don’t know, but from zero to 100 in less than 6 seconds. 

With my inherited teachers voice (thanks mom)! I interject “Ladies, ladies, let’s set a better example for the kids!” Offer to hold the offensive item and diffused the situation. No blood, no scratches and no police. Only this kind gesture required.  

Mind you I was prepared to dodge the scratches and biting…..aikido Taisabaki.

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