All training is good training

In aikido I hear many times “we do it this way”, “different style” or on the negative tone “that’s wrong”, “incorrect” etc..

Once you reach quite a way along a lifetimes journey in one skill set (not only aikido) you can see more along the lines of “this is what this person has learned so far”, “ah they worked on that problem this way”.

Teaching kids and adults over many years trying to get specific skills trained and learned I’ve seen why some skills are set in our technical syllabus. However that doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in other methods of training (again not specifically aikido).

What I do think is negative about holding on to ones own method/ style of learning is the tendency to discount other style and learning methods. The mind that is fixated with both eyes cannot see the opportunity right beside them.

functional exercises for aikido from Eddy Wolput on Vimeo.

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