Timing opportunities against a tanto

Timing opportunities against a tanto

“One situation where atemi waza are extremely effective is when your opponent is immobile. His greatly restricted movement makes your movement very effective. Situations in which these timing points occur correspond to good opportunities to cut or stab in kendo known as okori o utsu, tsukitaru o utsu and uketaru o utsu. These can also be used in aikido randori when empty handed against an opponent holding a knife.
Another situation, — is when you are holding uke and he reacts against your balance breaking movement”

okori o utsu: when you see your opponent’s initial movement to attack.

tsukitaru o utsu: when your opponent’s attack finishes and his weight is on his front foot and his arm is extended.

uketaru o utsu: when your opponent steps back in response to your movement. (transcriber notes; uketaru can be broken down into two forms a general retreat in the same stance and another switching stance)

Competitive Aikido

An introduction to practices leading from kata to randori…. 20/09/09 NPO Japan Aikido Association. – Mr, Junji Morikawa, Tetsuro Nariyama (Supervisor)
hiki okori o utsu: uke pulls/ moves back, same stance 

ojitaru o utsu : tanto responds/ evades, change stance 

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