Benefits of Aikido


We don’t roll around on the floor in Shodokan, all our techniques can be completed with you disarming, controlling pinning, throwing an attacker! We train skill, speed, flexibility and strength equally.

David & Michael Arm Lock

David & Michael Arm Lock

Improve Fitness

Aikido Falling Leaf

Aikido Falling Leaf

Escape the rush hour rampage and get fit while everyone else is on public transport, De-stress after work, reconnect with yourself, learn something everyday!


Increased Strength

Willing it alone won’t improve your strength and confidence, training with a group on a regular basis doing something you enjoy and which challenges you can make you strong in mind and body!  Yas & Alex



 10yrs of Aiki in London Learning is fun when training with others, for sure. It’s boring otherwise!

`People Are Nourished By Other People‘.


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